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0 # 16-04-15Julie Wallis
Absolutely lovely, my overseas visitors loved it.
Will recommend to all our friends in Whyalla, S.A and Geraldton W.A
0 # 14/04/2015Julie Wallis
We had a fantastic stay at Havana Villas the room was nice and we enjoyed the board games that we had from you.
My dad was telling us the staffs were really great keeping the rooms clean and very friendly.
We will tell everyone we know about this place.
Thank you very much for making this a great stay for us.

Sincerely Heranya Age 11.
+1 # RE: Guest CommentsWaddell family
Great place to stay, everything you need is here and very clean and comfortable. We will be back again as soon as we can. Loved it!
0 # RE: Guest CommentsArif
This place is beyond my expectations. Would love to come and stay here again!
+1 # RE: Guest CommentsKizkulawal family
We are from Sri Lanka. This is our first visit to Albany. TThe facilities you provided is excellant. We feel like staying in our own house. We regret not staying for several days. Thanks a lot, Havana Villas Management. We will come back to your place again.
+1 # RE: Guest CommentsIzher Family
My family and I travel from Perth. Along the way to albany, there were so many beautiful places and sceneries. Aussies must be greatful for having such a beautiful country. Albany is an awesome place.
We love staying at Havana Villas. Quiet and peaceful surrroundings. Nice view, clean rooms and so many friendly, warm people. We will come back again... Love the weather and love the beach.
Thank you albany... Thank you Australia
+1 # 06/05/13VJ
Hi, We liked this place very much.
My parents visited from India and they really liked this place.
They say its a beautiful place to live.
Everything was very well organized.
Everybody is very friendly here.
Hope we will come back sometime.
0 # 14/09/13VH
Its so great to be able to stay somewhere with our dog!
Beautiful walks, ocean, everything you need.
very relaxing.
0 # 7/10/13Guest
Great spot, Lovely, clean accommodation.
No complaints at all.
would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Excellent facilities.
Grounds organized and very pretty.
Thank you.

P.S Loved the commercial kitchen!
0 # 06/10/13Nimmo
We only stayed one night at Havana Villas but very comfortable & clean.
Beautiful spot and very friendly people.
Wish we could stay longer!
Thank you.
0 # 09/10/13Rodriquez family
We had an excellent stay here for 3 nights.
Well maintained, clean and the staff were helpful.
also proximity to the beach!
Great place for kids.
0 # 20/07/13The Murphys
Stayed a week and Loved it here!
Quiet and peaceful surrounds.
We made it back and will stay here again on our next visit too!
The Murphys :-)
Your beaches are just gorgeous btw.
0 # 10/09/13Josh and Rose
The villa/surrounds/bbq area all great value. Clean, tidy and perfect for families.

if you stay in Albany for a few days make sure you go to Two Peoples Bay and ESPECIALLY Little Beach

0 # 10/10/13Magda
Very pleasant stay and friendly and helpful staff.
Thanks!! :)

Czech Republic
0 # 13/10/13Anon
Perfect place to live!!
Very comfortable.

Thoughtful service (IGA marked on the Map!)
0 # 22/10/13Surabhi
We had a wonderful experience staying here.

The facilities was above our expectation

I''m sure we a gonna refer to our friends
We will visit soon
0 # 08/04/13Anon
It was very homely and very nice to stay in.
Everything is neat and clean.
0 # 03/07/10Anon
A Lovely place to stay.
The chalet was clean & tidy and the friendly service was great.
We were very happy to find everything in good working order.
It was wonderful to go to sleep to the sound of the waves nearby.
Thank you :-)
0 # 10/01/2013Anon
Absolutely Fabulous!!
The only disappointment was we had to leave!
Thank you for such a wonderful clean villa, everything was perfect. we were here for 10 days and have no gripes. We will be back defo!!
0 # 3rd November 2013Nat and Steve
This was our third visit here to Havana Villas, and as always the case we had a wonderful stay and enjoyed our experience. We will definitely be back again soon.

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